The Power of Words

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In her years of experience in broadcasting, writing for magazines, ghost writing, and editing books, writer Judith Hayes discovered words have power. Throughout history words have been used to launch wars and establish peace. Words record the history of the world, and capture the speeches of great men. Words are the single greatest tool of communication. When it comes to your business, advertising, website, and image, you need to use powerful words to convey your message.

Everyone has heard the phrase “Content is King.” Unfortunately many people understand that to mean their website needs to have a lot of words, predominately key words. This thinking results in poor quality website content. People don’t want to read a lot of empty filler. Repetitive content is the fastest way to lose visitors to your site.

Quality website content conveys valuable information to the reader. It entices them to return again and again to learn more about you, your website, your business and what you can offer them. Quality content builds loyalty, and loyalty builds trust. Honor that trust by always providing accurate and helpful information.

Writer Judith Hayes and other Prepared Content writers are your content consultants and can assist you with high quality content for:

    • Websites
    • Custom Content Development
    • SEO Content
    • Blogs
    • Online Magazines
    • Home School Articles and Lesson Material

Social Media Management

  • Magazine Article Writing
  • Brochure Writing
  • Newsletter Writing
  • Print Media
  • Travel Writing
  • eBook Writing
  • White Paper Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Press Release Writing
  • Ghost Writing
  • Family History Writing
  • Speech Writing
  • Web Hosting

We also offer copy editing services for eBooks, self-published books, business reports, white papers, articles, and web sites.

BUSINESS CLIENTS: We provide professional photography, graphic design services, web design, WordPress Blogs, full service web hosting, and Social Media Management. We can can manage your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, blogs, and other social media sites for you, or create them if you are not currently taking advantage of social media for your business. Our Social Media Department will be happy to write your posts and set up a regular posting schedule for one or more if your social media sites.

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