How Important Is Content?

Content is critical to a succesful website. Reader loyalty is built on strong, informative, and valuable content. Loading your content with keywords is an inferior method to build ranking placement. Google is looking for quality content that meets the needs of the reader, answers question before they are asked, and provides useful information. Check your content for the following

  • Correct grammar and spelling
  • Ease of understanding
  • Original and informative content
  • Useable information
  • Distinct value for the reader

Determine your goal for your website. Do you have a product to sell? Are you offering a service? Are you providing free information? Visitors to your site don’t want to read a print version of a television commercial. Websites must cater to the reader if you want to convert them to a customer.

If you offer a service, such as auto repair, provide some safety tips, traveltips, winterizing tips and other helpful information. If your website sells a product/s such as garden supplies, provide the viewer with some planting tips, tips on getting rid of pests, or tips on planting shrubs and borders.

Do you get the idea? Provide valuable information and your visitors will keep returning!


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