Content That Keeps Visitors Returning

computer-01Words are powerful, and each one can influence a potential client in either a negative or positive manner. The words contained in your website content must contain information that is relative, valuable, and positive in respect to your business or product. Clients respond with quick action when the words they read assure them of the benefits of your services and products. They will also pass your information to their associates, which provides the opportunity for new business contacts.

Original Content
Don’t be tempted to copy bits and pieces from competitor’s websites or advertising materials. Highlight the benefits of your company’s services or products in your content, and avoid mentioning the competition. Exemplary customer service is worthy of a place in your content because it is one of the attributes that has fallen by the wayside in recent years. Original content is essential in order to be noticed by Google.

Instructional Articles
Your products should be written about in layman’s terms in order to be valuable to current and potential customers. Articles can cover a variety of topics including how the product is made, why it is superior to similar items, and how to properly use it. Step by step instructions make it easy for the consumer to use products, and you can provide more detail on a web site than on the back of a container.

Description of Services
Succinct paragraphs detailing your services will garner more attention than a page of bulleted words and animated graphics. Tell your website visitor, “We offer 24-hour emergency furnace service.” Don’t display a flashing red graphic that reads “Emergency Service.” People want details. If you offer an annual furnace maintenance package, provide a list of each included service. Homeowners look for the best deals, so be sure to emphasize services not offered by competitors.

Video content is rapidly growing in popularity. It performs well on every platform and device. Smartphone users appreciate video content for its flexibility. Scrolling for information on a smartphone is inconvenient and can be dangerous if people attempt it when driving. Video tutorials are a great draw for your website. Most people are visual and can more easily understand how to use your product when they see it demonstrated.

Share Buttons
Be sure visitors can easily share your website content and videos on their favorite social media platforms. Include share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other popular sites.

Visitors will return to your site regularly if you keep it fresh, valuable, and updated. Use dynamic wording to create interesting and worthwhile content that can be shared to increase your potential customer base. Evaluate your website, and decide what you can do to increase views and turnovers.

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