Hints for Aspiring Writers

Becoming a WriterBy Judith Hayes

Many people ask, “How do I become a writer?” There is no licensing exam for writers, no certification test, and no specific diploma is required to become a professional in one of the most rewarding careers that exists. What it does require is the ability to learn, self-motivation, hard work, and an attitude that repels discouragement.

The aspiring writer can learn by reading books, magazines, and newspapers as well as learn from experienced and successful writers. Most writer’s are happy to share tips and ideas they have learned during their years of writing. The most important requirement for the aspiring writer is to self-motivation!

Finding Writing Ideas

The technological advancements of the last two decades have placed enormous resources in the hands of writers and would-be writers. Computers, and the internet,  provide access to the greatest libraries in the world. Two clicks and you can be in the archives of the Library of Congress. This is a fantastic resource for those researching and writing history topics. Other free internet library resources include:

  • Internet Archive
  • Project Gutenberg
  • ebooks at Adelaide
  • Bartleby
  • Many Books

Don’t forget your local library. Libraries are excellent resource for writers and offer free wi-fi. Bring along your laptop and load up on info. Copy machines are available at all libraries and offer low cost copies. I always take my digital camera and take pictures of the book cover, fly leaf, and whatever pages that include the information I need. Then I can open it on my computer, highlight the passages that interest me, and print it out already marked. That method works best for me. Every writer develops a research method that fits their needs.

Tools for Writers

  • Digital Camera
  • Copy Machine
  • Laptop Computer
  • Desktop Computer
  • Digital Recorder
  • Notebooks, pens, pencils, and highlighters.

Tools are a great help to every writer, but the most important tool of all is self-motivation. If you are not self-motivated, you will have a great deal of difficulty succeeding as a writer no matter how much talent you have. So get busy, get organized, and get motivated! Your success will be what you make it.







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