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Find Great Info features a large selection of articles written by Judith Hayes. The following article is a sample from a travel magazine that also includes photography by Judith Hayes.

Gold Flakes and Ghosts By Judith Hayes – Published in West Coast Maine Magazine Summer/Fall 2012 – Swift River Photo ©2012 Judith Hayes

While many people know of Maine’s reputation for beautiful tourmaline and other gemstones, most are unaware that in the riverbeds of the western Maine foothills, there is hidden gold. The last ice age sketched the face of Maine as you see it today. It is estimated that 25,000 years ago, an enormous glacier covered the state. As the glacier retreated, the enormous pressure of melting ice, and the resulting flooding, carved out a distinctive landscape of mountains, canyons, gorges and amazing rock formations. The glacier also deposited sediments, eroded from bedrock and containing gold, into some of Maine’s rivers and streambeds. These gold deposits, found in unconsolidated sediments are called “placer” gold. Although Maine has gold in some of the bedrock, called “lode” deposits, most of what is currently found is “placer” gold.

Optimistic “vacation prospectors” visit the hills and streams of western Maine each year, hoping to find some nuggets, or just a few of the golden flakes. Panning for gold is a great family adventure, and exciting fun for people of all ages. There are plenty of local prospectors willing to teach the novice how to use their pan properly, tell stories of amazing nugget finds, and share a trick or two. I talked to several gold panning experts, and they provided me with a gold mine of information.



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